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Instructions for oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations
Parallel sessions will be 120 minutes long. Each lecturer will have 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 minutes for questions/discussions. Lecture rooms are equipped with computers for Power Point presentations. Make sure you download your presentation to the computer in your lecture room before your session begins. There is a room-keeper in each lecture room who will assist you with practical matters. Each session also has a chair person who is responsible for time keeping and introduction of each presenter. Please introduce yourself to the chair before your session begins. If you need special equipment for your presentation, please contact the conference organizers in advance.

Poster presentations
The poster session is scheduled for Wednesday August 22 at 15.00-16.00 (including refreshments). There will be a special poster room in the main building close to the registration area and main lecture hall. This room will be accessible throughout most of the conference. Make sure your poster is put up Wednesday lunch, and please take it down before the closing session Friday afternoon. The size of the posters should not exceed these dimensions: Width 80 cm; Height 150 cm. There will be an award during the conference dinner for the best poster.

Call for papers

The main theme of the conference is Outdoor Recreation in Change – Current Knowledge and Future Challenges. This is to reflect not just changes in outdoor recreation participation and behavior alone, but also changes in management of recreational areas and society in general that will impact the future of outdoor recreation. In particular, we welcome presentations on the following sub-themes;

  • Developments in visitor monitoring
  • Trends and social patterns in outdoor recreation participation
  • Children and nature: experiences, learning and health
  • Outdoor recreation in urban proximate nature
  • Spatial planning, resolving conflicts and safeguarding access
  • Integrating outdoor recreation and nature conservation
  • Education, outdoor learning and communicating nature
  • Nature experiences and environmental awareness
  • Environmental values and attitudes in outdoor recreation
  • Commercialization of nature
  • The economics of outdoor recreation
  • Managing visitor impacts on destination communities
  • Methodological and theoretical developments in outdoor recreation research
  • Management and Visitor Experience in Europe’s Wilderness Areas
  • Communities in change* Read more
  • Interpretation as strategic communication in protected area management* Read more
  • Recreation "betwixt" and "between"* Read more
  • Risk, saftey and rescue in a changing outdoor arena* Read More
  • Recent Advances in Visitor Monitoring: GPS tracking and GIS technology* Read more
  • Financing of nature and landscape protection through tourism* Read more
  • Values of outdoor recreation - Economics, perceptions, attitudes and beyond*  Read more
  • Tourism, hiking trails and local developement* Read more
  • Visitor monitoring in a landscape context* Read more

* Organized session where abstracts are welcome and shoul be submitted following the instructions below.

Session formats

Oral presentations

Most of the sessions will consist of oral scientific paper presentations in parallel sessions. Depending on the number of participants, the conference organizers may limit the number of presentations to one oral presentation (participants may be listed as a co-author on more than one presentation).

Scientific paper abstracts (300 words) are due March 25, 2012: Submission closed

By end of April you will receive feedback on your abstract from one of our conference reviewers. Please follow the instructions carefully and resubmit an extended abstract of maximum 1 000 words (+ one figure or table) by June 30. 

Download instructions for extended abstracts

The lecturers will have 20 minutes for their presentations, including 5 minutes for questions.

Poster presentations

MMV also welcomes poster presentations. This is an opportunity to provide more conference attendees to review and discuss your work with you. This is also the most appropriate venue to present non-academic work. There will be designated timeslots for poster presentations in the conference program. A committee will award prizes for the best posters.

Abstracts for poster presentations (300 words) are due March 25, 2012: Submission closed

By end of April you will receive feedback on your abstract from one of our conference reviewers. Please follow the instructions carefully and resubmit an extended abstract of maximum 1 000 words (+ one figure or table) by June 30.

Download instructions for extended abstracts

The size of the posters should not exceed these dimensions:
Width: 80 cm
Hight: 150 cm

Organized sessions

The MMV conference encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction between scientists and practitioners. Participants who wish to organize special sessions (oral presentations on a specific topic), round tables (round table discussions on a particular topic), or film or video presentations are encouraged to submit proposals to the conference organizers. Special sessions typically have presenters committed in advance by the session organizer, but can also be organized as open sessions that include presenters assigned by the conference organizers.

The proposal should include the session title, a description of purpose and content (300 words), the name, affiliation and contact details of the person organizing the session and the names of proposed participants (if participants are committed in advance). Proposals should be sent to:

Proposals for organized sessions: Submission closed

Organizers will be responsible for maintaining  primary contact with the MMV program chairs, contacting the participants to ensure they are registered for the meeting, and serving as the chair (or designating a person to chair) for the session. Participants in organized sessions which include oral presentations should submit an abstract for oral presentation (see instructions above) .

Sessions at the MMV conference will be scheduled in blocks of 120 minutes. Organized sessions can stretch over more than one block, but this needs approval from the organizers. The program organizers may reject proposed organized sessions that are outside the aim and scope of the MMV conference or otherwise judged to be inappropriate.

Pre- and post conference meetings

The conference facility provides good opportunities to host pre- or post conference meetings. Anyone interested to organize such a meeting are welcome to contact the conference organizers.